Marketing with Spirit Media

In Spirit Media, we start everything we do with marketing first. Our goal is not just to get businesses to the market. Our ultimate goal is for your message to impact the world.

Our long-term, systematic marketing plan:

Choose from our three systematic marketing packages designed to deliver tangible results.
  1. Optimized Amazon listing (#1 bookseller in the world).

  2. Website with optimized SEO (#1 browser in the world).

  3. Optimized YouTube Channel (#2 browser in the world).

  4. Steady and systematic leverage of social media.

  5. Domestic and international press release(s) through PR Newswire (fruitless without 1-4).

  6. Systematic email marketing (fruitless without 1-4).

  7. Systematic SMS marketing (fruitless without 1-4).

Our ACCELERATE package offers strategic marketing to accelerate your sales. Our SCALE package provides fuel to the fire to scale your profits. All three packages offer measurable results. You decide if you want the results to come fast, faster, or fastest.

Our Process

Step 1:
360° Marketing Performance Evaluation

Step 2:
Define your goals

Step 3:
Identify your target audience

Step 4:
Competitor Research

Step 6:
Optimize Content Marketing Efforts

Step 6:
Drive salesgrowth! 


Accelerated SEO

We want to make sure that your website is visible and accessible from anywhere on the web. We will get your website to the top of the ranking in 6 months including a comprehensive keyword assessment and SEO strategy with measurable monthly milestones.

Video Production

Video marketing is all about engagement. Our video production services help you tell your story, build trust with your audience and make more sales. We can help you create videos that will increase traffic to your website, boost conversions and improve customer lifetime value.

Book Podcast

Experience all the benefits of podcast marketing: increased exposure, name recognition, and more sales! We will produce your podcast or livestream show. We can also help you do a tour where you’re the guest on multiple podcasts!

Digital Marketing

Unlock the power of digital marketing on Google, Facebook, Amazon — wherever you want your paid ads. Transform your business in just 90 days with Spirit Media’s Digital Marketing subscription. Our team of marketing experts brings you measurable results achieving a positive return on investment.

Result Marketing

If you’re already measuring your ROI, you know how important it is to know how much each marketing action is worth. Results marketing enables constant optimization of your company’s actions to assess what works best.

Google for NPOs

Google Ad Grants for nonprofit organizations are a great way for charities to boost donations, subscribers, and volunteers. We’ll handle your Google Ad Grants, so you can focus on what’s important: running your organization and serving your community.

Other Marketing Options Available:

We understand that you may need specific and specialized marketing services. So if you need to avail other marketing services, you can check out our extra services below.

→ Dedicated client manager. Your own full-time project manager. ($1,200/month)


→ Produce a podcast show for you. ($500/month)


→ Book you on a podcast show tour where you’re the guest and talk about your book. ($250/per booking)


→ Book virtual and/or in person entrepreneur or CEO workshops, training events, coaching sessions, consulting programs, etc for you. ($500/month)


→ Run digital and print marketing on billboards, buses, and magazines. ($500/month)

→ Send more international press releases at cost. The writing is covered. (Pay for what you select)


→ Produce livestream broadcasts for you. ($500/month)


→ Book speaking engagements for you. ($250/per booking)


→ Handle outbound and incoming calls of any kind.  ($1,000/month)

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