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From books, podcasts, websites, live broadcasts, articles, and blogs, to YouTube channels, and social media, we publish them all for you.


$6,500/All Inclusive

10% discount for pay in full now


Pay 4 equal payments of $1,625/each

What Happens Next:

Our Client Management team will follow-up with you ASAP to get your book in production.

What can you expect:

  1.  Paperback, hardback, e-book, and audiobook formats everywhere books are sold.
  2.  Cover design for all formats.
  3.  Interior design including photos/graphics.
  4.  Customary revisions until locked for publishing.
  5.  Marketing Assets: keywords analysis, book description, author bio.
  6.  ISBNs for each format.
  7.  Production of your audiobook.
  8.  Final proofreading and quality inspection.
  9.  Support setting up your publishing accounts: KDP (ALL Amazon global marketplaces worldwide), Ingram (access to brick and mortar stores and libraries worldwide), and Findaway voices (audiobooks worldwide).
  10.  Uploading files to publishing accounts.
  11.  Optimization of listings on Amazon.
  12.  Social media graphics.
  13.  International LIVE Broadcast celebrating book release on Facebook and YouTube.
  14.  Fulfillment of orders for author copies.
  15.  Monthly sales report.

Ask us about discounts for multiple books at a time.

Our FREE Gift for Every Author

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Book Publishing

We want your message to be heard! Publishing allows you to get your message in front of your audience, and we want your message to be accessible to the widest audience possible. We publish in e-book, paperback, hardback, and audiobook formats everywhere books are sold worldwide.


Our Angel Writers can write your book for $1,500/month. Our Angel Writers are professional editors and therefore bypass our editing phase and go directly to publishing, saving you from having to pay for editing. They interview you and others over the phone or Zoom and write your book in your own words. Through the interview, our angel writers infuse your words with emotion, transforming your content into powerful narratives that deeply resonate with your audience. This takes an average of three months.


Our flat-rate editing service at $3,500 is your surefire path to transforming your book from a rough draft into a polished manuscript, adhering to the high standards set forth in the Chicago Manual of Style. In just one month, our dedicated team of skilled editors will meticulously refine every aspect of your work, from grammar and punctuation to structure and style, ensuring your manuscript is not only error-free but also beautifully crafted to captivate your readers.


Our all-inclusive fixed-price publishing solution, valued at $6,500, covers all the fundamental elements necessary to breathe life into your book in diverse formats, guaranteeing its presence on a global scale across various platforms and marketing channels, such as electronic, print, hardcover, and audiobook editions. With a simplified procedure, our dedicated team will lead you through each phase, spanning from layout refinement to broad-scale dissemination, all within a mere four-month span. By opting for this package, you can have full confidence that your book will find its way into the hands of readers worldwide, enjoying wide distribution across book-selling outlets, all the while sparing you the complexities of managing the publishing process.


Our Process

Start Marketing
Lock Manuscript
Design Paperback
Record Audiobook
All other formats
Global Launch
Long-term Marketing


If your book needs republishing, we need to see the files for the book in order to give an accurate quote. Republishing starts at $1,500/book. This includes:

  1. Paperback version everywhere books are sold

  2. Cover design

  3. Marketing Assets: keywords analysis, book description, author bio

  4. ISBN

  5. Uploading files to KDP (ALL Amazon global marketplaces worldwide), Ingram (access to brick and mortar stores and libraries worldwide)

  6. Optimation of listings on Amazon

  7. Social media graphics

  8. International LIVE Broadcast celebrating book release on Facebook and YouTube

Children’s Books

At Spirit Media, we’re dedicated to simplifying the process of publishing children’s books, making it more affordable and efficient than ever before. With our streamlined approach, you can bring your unique children’s book to the world without the hassle. Whether your book is an enchanting bedtime story, an educational adventure, or a whimsical picture book, our team has the expertise and resources to ensure your vision becomes a reality. We understand the importance of nurturing young minds through literature, and we’re here to support you every step of the way in sharing your story with young readers everywhere. For more information, please click here.

We Get Books to Sell

Our goal is not just to get books to market. Our ultimate goal is for your message to impact the world. We start every book with marketing first. We analyze the keywords with Amazon and Google and then incorporate top keywords into the cover, book description, author bio and book. We optimize the listing on Amazon. Books that are found, sell.

Other Publishing

Our marketing subscriptions include publishing these:
Need publishing? Spirit Media is your solution.
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