Engage Ideal Audiences, Donors, and Volunteers

Google Ad Grant for NPOs

Doing Good on a Budget: Maximize Non-Profit Resources

As a non-profit organization, you always have to try to make a change in the world on a small budget. But what if we told you that you can amplify your impact without breaking the bank?


Consider the difference the $10,000/month Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits will make in accelerating your message.

For only $500/month, Spirit Media will help you to get this grant AND manage it for its maximum potential. Think about it, that’s only $6,000/year for us to manage $120,000/year in FREE advertising for you! Google is the #1 search browser in the world. This is a powerful and effective way to get your message out.


The challenge is it takes a lot of time to produce successful ads. This will distract most nonprofit leaders from their mission.  


Your message is worthy of this investment. Please take advantage of this! Let our team of experts work with you to create a custom and comprehensive ad campaign that achieves measurable results.


Look at the results we achieved for MedPsych Integrated in Raleigh in just 90 days!

Expanding Impact: Reaching, Mobilizing, and Achieving More with Less

Reach a Wider Audience.

Google Ads provides you with a platform to reach your target audience on a massive scale. Drive traffic to your website, attract new supporters, and spread awareness about your cause to a global audience.

Boost Donations.

Engage potential donors by showcasing your non-profit’s important work. With Google Ads, you can create compelling campaigns that prompt people to take action, resulting in increased donations to support your cause.

Attract Passionate Volunteers.

Finding dedicated volunteers is crucial for non-profits, and Google Ads can help you with that. Create ads that inspire individuals to get involved, volunteer their time, and contribute their skills to your organization’s mission.

Cost-Effective Advertising.

The Google Ad Grant provides your non-profit with up to $10,000 per month in free advertising credits. Stretch your budget further by generating meaningful online exposure and spreading your message to the right people, all without spending a dime.

Get More Done with Less

Don’t let a tight budget hold you back from making a meaningful impact. Embrace the Google Ad Grant for Non-Profits and maximize your resources to achieve more. Join the countless non-profit organizations around the world that have leveraged the power of Google Ads to reach their goals.

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