Give Someone the Gift of Publishing

Spirit Media is excited to announce a brand new initiative to empower thousands of writers around the world to publish their very own children’s book everywhere books are sold worldwide.

Introducing “Your Very Own Children’s Book” from Spirit Media…

This is the ideal package for every author wanting to publish their very own children’s book.

It is also the perfect gift for those wanting to give their loved one the gift of publishing. “Your Very Own Children’s Book” makes a great gift for Mother’s Day, Graduation, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, and Special Anniversaries. 

For only $2,499, Spirit Media turns their very own children’s book into a reality. The book walks them through the whole process with the help of Spirit Media.

The publishing package contains:

  1. Paperback format of your book everywhere books are sold worldwide
  2. Professional editing
  3. Cover design
  4. Interior design with full-page illustrations
  5. Unlimited revisions
  6. Marketing Assets: keywords analysis, book description, author bio
  7. ISBN
  8. Library of Congress registration
  9. Final proofreading and quality inspection
  10. Uploading files to KDP (ALL Amazon global marketplaces worldwide), Ingram (access to brick & mortar stores and libraries worldwide)
  11. Optimation of listings on Amazon
  12. Social media graphics
  13. International LIVE Broadcast celebrating book release on Facebook and YouTube
  14. Fulfillment of orders for author copies

Spirit Media masterfully designs and publishes it everywhere books are sold in just 60 days. 

80% of people want to write a book but only 2% ever publish their book. Spirit Media plans to dramatically increase that percentage. We believe everyone has a story in them that needs to be told, a legacy that needs to be laid.

More importantly, we believe ALL children worldwide should have the opportunity to read books, feel loved, and to dream big dreams. 

Currently, there are an estimated 2 billion children in the world ages zero to 14-years-old. On average, only 250M children’s books are sold each year (source). The world has room for many more children’s books.

Although America is one of the most developed and affluent countries in the world, 32.4 million American children go without books each year in areas known as Book Deserts (source). 

The Global Interactive Children Book Market Size was Valued at USD 0.67 Billion in 2023 and the Worldwide Interactive Children Book Market Size is Expected to Reach USD 1.04 Billion by 2033, according to a research report published by Spherical Insights & Consulting (source)

The world needs more children’s books, and there is no better time to publish your very own children’s book than today.
Your Very Own Children’s Book walks you through the whole process:

  1. Schedule your one-on-one consultation
  2. Select your age group (page 15)
  3. Select the type of children’s book you want to publish (page 15)
  4. Write your story
  5. Select the type of illustrations you want for your book (page 18)
  6. Select the three main colors you want for your book (page 19)
  7. Share everything with Spirit Media

Secure Your Very Own Children’s Book Publishing Package at:

Available for additional costs:

  • Other formats: hardback, ebook, and audiobook
  • Business development for selling your book
  • Master marketing strategy with full execution
  • Booking speaker engagements, podcast tours, book signing events
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