Elevating Your Platform as a Speaker

Elevating Your Platform as a Speaker: Strategies to Get Found and Grow

Public speaking is a skill that may inspire, educate, and influence people. On the other hand, even seasoned speakers with a fantastic track record can find themselves in a position where they have talked innumerable times yet are relatively unknown. In today’s competitive environment, speakers must actively promote themselves and seek ways to elevate their platform. 

This post will give you essential ideas and tactics for growing your platform as a speaker, emphasizing getting found, leveraging speaker associations, securing speaking opportunities, and eventually being paid for your knowledge. We’ll also examine how Spirit Media can help you spread your message through numerous media.

Getting Found

Being a great speaker is only half the battle; the other half is making sure people can discover you. Here are some practical methods for increasing your visibility:

Establish an online presence: Create a professional website that highlights your knowledge, experience, and speaking subjects. Improve your online presence by optimizing your website for search engines. Create and publish compelling content on social media channels, such as blogs, videos, and podcasts.

Social Media Engagement: Connect with your target audience by using social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Share useful stuff on a regular basis, interact with followers, and take part in important topics. To increase your reach, use hashtags and tag industry influencers.

Attend events: Attend industry conferences, seminars, and events to network with other experts, event organizers, and possible clients. Create genuine relationships and collaborate with people who can help you spread your message.

Leveraging Speaker Associations

Speaker groups can be excellent resources for speakers seeking visibility and opportunity. Take a look at the following:

Join renowned Speaker Organizations: Join prominent speaker organizations such as the National Speakers Association (NSA), International Association of Speakers Bureaus (IASB), or Global Speakers Federation (GSF). These organizations offer event organizers and bureaus networking opportunities, training, and visibility.

Association-Organized Speaking Engagements: Many speaker associations host events, conferences, and seminars where members can display their knowledge. Use these platforms to obtain awareness and demonstrate your speaking abilities.

Professional Development: Speaker associations provide speakers with tools, training programs, and mentoring opportunities to help them improve their skills, grow their network, and keep current on industry trends.

Securing Speaking Opportunities

Actively seeking and securing speaking engagements is part of expanding your presence. Here are some practical approaches:

Speaker Agents: Work with reputed speaker agents who specialize in matching speakers with appropriate platforms. Agents have links with event organizers and can assist you in obtaining high-profile speaking engagements.

Corporate Event Targeting: Conduct research and discover corporations or organizations that commonly conduct conferences, seminars, or events relevant to your expertise. Make a persuasive proposal demonstrating the value you can bring to their audience, then reach out to event organizers or human resources departments.

Event Directories and Websites: Submit your information to online speaker directories and event platforms like SpeakerHub, TEDx, and Eventbrite. These platforms connect speakers with event organizers who are looking for new talent.

Monetizing Your Speaking Engagements

While obtaining visibility is crucial, it is also critical to be compensated for your skills. Here’s how you get money from speaking engagements:

Establishing Your Value: Clearly describe the audience’s distinct value and benefits. Create a captivating speaker bio and use testimonials and case studies to highlight the impact of your speeches.

Pricing Strategy: Research industry standards and rivals’ rates by determining your speaking fees. Consider your experience, the size of your audience, and the value you provide. You may offer a few speaking engagements to gain awareness initially, but gradually shift to charging a reasonable fee for your services.

Diversify Revenue Streams: In addition to speaking engagements, look into other ways to monetize your expertise. Examples are offering consulting services, giving seminars or webinars, authoring books, building online courses, or creating a paid membership platform.

Spirit Media: Elevating Your Message

Spirit Media may be an invaluable resource in amplifying your message and broadening your exposure. They provide a variety of services to assist you in reaching a larger audience:

Books: Spirit Media can help you write and publish a book highlighting your skills. A well-written book can help you establish yourself as an expert in your subject and generate speaking opportunities.

Podcasts: Starting your own podcast or appearing as a guest on existing podcasts can significantly boost your visibility and reach. Spirit Media can assist you in creating and promoting your podcast in order to reach a larger audience and obtain possible speaking engagements.

YouTube Channels: Video content is very captivating, and a YouTube channel can be a great way to demonstrate your speaking abilities. Spirit Media will assist you with creating and optimizing your YouTube channel, increasing your online presence, and attracting potential clients.

Speaking Engagements: Spirit Media’s expertise in networking and relationship-building can lead to corporate speaking engagements. They can connect you with event organizers and help you establish yourself as a sought-after speaker.

Final thoughts

Growing your speaking platform demands a deliberate and proactive approach. You can raise your profile and attract a larger audience by applying the tactics mentioned in this article, such as improving your internet exposure, using speaker associations, aggressively seeking speaking engagements, and monetizing your knowledge.

Spirit Media can help you on your path by assisting with book publishing, podcast development, YouTube channel optimization, and connecting you with corporate speaking opportunities. You can build yourself as a recognized and respected professional speaker with effort, tenacity, and the correct backing.

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