True prosperity is more than just profit. True prosperity includes all the things money can’t buy like freedom, peace, and worth. Actually, profit is only a small portion of prosperity.

At Spirit Media we reduce your cost in order to maximize your profit.

We not only save you money, but we make you money. Every hour you spend on logistics and production is one less hour you spend creating content and building your brand. Let us focus on the logistics and free you to focus on creating more content and building your message.

At Spirit Media we make things easy for you to be who you’ve been created to be. This fosters satisfaction and peace. That’s true prosperity.


Traditional publishing pays authors $.70 cent per book. Self publishing pays authors $7 per book. We take the “self” out of publishing, do everything for you, and you get the royalties.


You already have enough content to fill multiple books a year. You just need us to help organize it into a book and publish it for you.


The world desperately needs the message of life coming through you.


People watch videos. People buy books.


  • The Book Industry does $26B in revenue annually.
  • 65% read at least 1 print book per year.
  • Adults spend $92 annually on reading
  • Religion/Bibles #1 nonfiction books in US.


You’re leaving millions $$$ on the table for the things God has placed on your heart.

YOU OWN 100%

  1. Of your book: all files, all formats, all graphics, all store account logins and passwords.
  2. Of all royalties.
  3. Forever.


  1. Come directly to you.
  2. Direct deposited from distributors to the bank account you choose.

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