We invite you to join our

Referral Partner Network

We’re offering $300 cash bonus for each new client you refer to us.

We invite you to join Spirit Media’s

Referral Partner Network

We’re offering a $300 Cash Bonus for EACH New Client You Refer to Us!

Your Part…

  1. SHARE how Spirit Media helps you.
  2. IDENTIFY their need.
  3. RECOMMEND Spirit Media as the solution.
  4. INTRODUCE us to your referral through a warmed-up email.

Introduce your referral to us at welcome@spiritmedia.us and she will take care of the rest.

Our Part…

  1. FOLLOW-UP we immediately follow-up with the referral, go over specifics, answer any questions and call for decision.
  2. SALE we make the sale.
  3. PAY within 30 days we pay you $300 cash bonus.
  4. SERVE we serve you both with utmost excellence.

Once a month we’ll meet over zoom to celebrate the wins and empower your success in making referrals.

Join Today!

Let us pay for your next vacation!


1 = $300

10 = $3,000

25 = $7,500

40 = $12,000

Upon joining we will send you our Agreement, request for your W9, payment details and welcome packet. She will schedule a brief one-on-one with you to go over the program with you and answer any questions.

Got Questions?

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