Spirit Media is committed to revolutionizing the publishing industry by marketing before publishing. 99% of publishers focus on publishing. Most books sell less than 250 copies because they are put on the market but never marketed. The last thing we want to do is put another book on the market. Our goal is to turn authors into international best sellers. This requires marketing!

If you have a book you need to sell, you need Spirit Media. We get books to sell.

If you have a business with a phone you need to ring - you need Spirit Media. We get phones to ring.

If there's room for your sales to increase - you need Spirit Media. We increase sales.

That's marketing!

Spirit Media does everything with MARKETING FIRST. Why even produce a message if you're not going to market it for it's maximum potential and impact? That's not good stewardship of the message entrusted to you. From the moment you become a client of Spirit Media we start with MARKETING FIRST. Spirit Media provides each client with custom tools to help pull keywords out of every product. We go to town making sure your message is positioned to reach the nations.

As our client, we provide you a comprehensive marketing strategy that:

  1. Builds your brand every step of the way

  2. Starts every book or project with marketing first

  3. Gets measurable results



Our Spirit Media ONE platform is a user friendly CRM and marketing machine that accelerates contacts, revenue, and marketing.

Every author, brand, and business needs Spirit Media ONE!

Spirit Media One

Spirit Media ONE is the one location for all your contacts, marketing and revenue.

There are three subscriptions opportunities:

  1. SILVER: $97/month for Silver: gets you the Spirit Media ONE platform for do it yourself.

  2. GOLD: $297/month for Gold: gets you Spirit Media ONE and unlimited marketing graphics/videos including website.

  3. PLATINUM: $497/month for Platinum: gets you Spirit Media ONE, unlimited marketing assets and we do it all for you

Our PLATINUM is our most popular subscription. PLATINUM gets you:

  1. A robust CRM for your all your contacts

  2. Email Marketing

  3. SMS Marketing

  4. Website*

  5. Systematic posting to ALL your social media

  6. Calendar scheduling

  7. And more ALL executed for you!

*The website is hosted on Google which is the #1 search engine in the world so you’ll have priority over all sites not hosted on Google.Your brand will never be out of sight or out of mind.

Full Service Marketing!

Full Service Marketing!

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